Welcome to Amber Waves Diving Company, your premier SCUBA diving shop for the Wichita, Kansas area.  Located in the center of the United States, Wichita, Kansas offers several Scuba shops, but Amber Waves is the only shop packed full of inventory, on hand, to meet every need of every Scuba Diver, from beginner to tech diving.  Come visit us and see why we are "Wichita's Scuba Shop!" ... [ Read more ]

Amber Waves is your CPR/First Aid/AED Training Headquarters!

The Amber Waves Diving Team is now offering Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), First Aid and Automated External Defibrillation (AED) training.  In addition we offer a course in Emergency Oxygen use. Our highly trained staff will give you real-life, practical courses that will help you save a life!  We offer courses approved by Emergency First Response (PADI affiliate), American Heart Association, American Safety and Health Institute and the National Safety Council. These courses are OSHA approved in the Emergency First Response (EFR) arena.  Our partner company, WichitaCPRTraining (click on the link), also offers the pediatric component of this training, which is now required for all day care homes, group day care homes, child care centers and Preschool employees.


Call us today at (316) 775-6688 to inquire about classes.  We can make our schedule fit your needs!


Amber Waves is PADI 5 Star IDC

On April 3, 2012, Amber Waves Diving Company was named a PADI 5 STAR INSTRUCTOR DEVELOPMENT CENTER (IDC)!  For those who know about IDC's and what it takes to get this title bestowed upon us, you will truly appreciate the professionalism and effort put into this project.  Amber Waves is one of only two PADI 5 STAR INSTRUCTOR DEVELOPMENT CENT ... [ Read more ]

Before you buy online...

Your local dive shop needs your help. In today's economy, many dive shops are suffering financially or going out of business. Selling dive instruction and trips does not pay well. In most cases dive instructors are working for very little money, purely out of passion for diving. The majority of money divers pay towards a diving certification or trip goes to covering expenses, such as pool fees, utilities, maintenance of rental gear, transportation, and certification fees. How do dive shops stay in business? By selling gear. And before you say gear sold in dive shops is too expensive, consider what you stand to lose by cutting out your local dive shop and purchasing your gear online.

  ... [ Read more ]

About Amber Waves Diving

Company History

 Amber Waves Diving Co. started in 2008, with a vision to create a dive club atmosphere where divers of all levels could come to find friendly smiles, dive conversation, great training and gear at reasonable prices.

The original owners knew that putting a shop in Augusta, KS and not in the middle of metro Wichita would create a difficult marketing task.

Therefore, our core philosophy was to define ourselves as a "Destination Retailer." Our business philosophy soon paid off and we had to say bye to our friends in Augusta and said hello to our friends in Wichita.  We re-located the store in 2013 to 307 S. Greenwich Road.  We have stuck with our core philosophy to continue to strive to make each customer feel that they are part of the Amber Waves family. In 2014 our hard work came to fruition when we became the largest PADI Training Center in Wichita. ... [ Read more ]

The Great Wheat Shark

The Amber Waves Diving Company, Inc., was the proud corporate sponsor of an expedition that recently confirmed the existence of the frightening Great Wheat Shark®, known by its proper scientific name Carcharodon Triticum Territo®.   ... [ Read more ]


Interested in Scuba?  Amber Waves Diving is the answer!!  Wichita's Scuba headquarters, Amber Waves offers classes from bubble maker for kids, to the most advanced technical diving, and we can even get you certifiied as a SCUBA Instructor!  We are also the only Wichita Kansas Scuba shop offering Public Safety Diving certification instructed by actual public safety personnel!  Check out our schedule of classes, if what you see doesn't fit your needs call us and we will get classes setup to fit your schedule.  When you think Scuba Wichita, think Amber Waves! ... [ Read more ]

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