Amber Waves Flying

We love seeing the Amber Waves flying--showing the pride of being a Kansas diver! Email us your picture of you sporting the Amber Waves and we'll be happy to share it here!

No kidding--these are real tattoos!
Bill proudly flies the colors on a dive off the coast of Brazil.
Jon gets in on the fun talking up the Great Wheat Shark at Bonne Terre Mine.
Tyler flies the Amber Waves on the dive boat in Key Largo, FL, en route to dive the Spiegel Grove.
Happy divers on board the dive boat off Key Largo: (back row L-R) June, Steve, James, Darryl; (front row L- R) Lua and Marcia.
Russ flies the Amber Waves Diving flag while Bill decompresses on board the dive boat off Key Largo.
James remembers a great dive as the boat returns to harbor at Key Largo.
Mike and Steve post the official Great Wheat Shark Warning at Bonne Terre Mine.
Bill reports another Great Wheat Shark sighting in Hawaii.
Bill and Lesa show the colors while diving in Hawaii.
Steve warns fellow divers to Beware the Great Wheat Shark at Bonne Terre Mine near St. Louis.